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The haml-edge Gem

Posted May 26, 2009

I’ve been working hard on getting Haml 2.2 ready for release. Not only are there copious syntactic improvements in Haml and especially Sass, but we’re hoping to switch from RDoc to the excellent YARD. This is a lot of work, though, so the release is taking quite a while.

Meanwhile, Chris Eppstein (on the Sass core team) has been working on Compass, an awesome CSS framework that makes full use of the power of Sass, including the new features that’ll be released in 2.2. This means that it requires the unreleased master branch, which used to be quite a pain to install, let alone to list as a dependency.

I haven’t been using GitHub’s gem-building facility for Haml, since it doesn’t allow filesystem access, which Haml requires to build gems properly. But I’d like to release development gems to make it easier to use Compass until 2.2 is released. So I’ve set up a little Sinatra server to take post-receive hook on GitHub and generate and release a new gem: haml-edge. The version number for this gem is bumped and a new gem released every time I push to master, so now Compass (and anything else that relies on unreleased features) has a gem it can list as a dependency within the standard gem structure.